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Help - Saved Items

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What are Saved Items?

Saved Items are History Study Center content that has been saved into My Archive from full record or full text pages. The Saved Items page allows you to view your list of saved items, which are preserved between user sessions.

You are able to save up to 500 items in Saved Items.

Each Saved Item is comprised of the following:

To access your Saved Items:

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How do I add items to My Archive?

To save an item you are interested in:

The relevant Saved Items folder will appear with your selected item added to it.

Can I attach my own notes to each of my Saved Items?

A 'Notes' area exists for each item you have saved to My Archive. To create a note:

To view a note you have already saved:

Note: There is a limit of 255 characters (about 50 words) that can be saved in each note.

E-mailing notes

When you e-mail records, all saved notes are automatically carried over to the 'Notes' text box on the e-mail screen. In the resulting e-mail, your selected records will appear at the top of the page, and your notes will appear beneath. Each note will be labelled with the record number it belongs to.

If you do not want to include your note in the e-mail:

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How do I delete Saved Items?

To remove individual items from My Archive:

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How do I delete a Saved Items folder?

You can delete an entire Saved Items folder by clicking the Delete Folder link on the My Archive welcome page.

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How do I copy Saved Items to another folder?

To copy individual items to another Saved Items folder:

The relevant Saved Items folder will appear with your selected item added to it.

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What happens if I've reached the maximum number of items held by My Archive?

If you already have 500 items in My Archive and you click the Save in My Archive link, you will be shown a warning telling you that you need to delete some items before you can add any more.

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